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The Dark Assault has begun. Monsters are everywhere, humans are panicking, and the princess has been kidnapped. One courageous boy sees this as a chance to finally prove to himself that he's not a boy anymore. Someone has to stop this madness, and that boy is Arnold. This is his destiny, your destiny.

Conquer the monstrous evil through the mind of Arnold in this Fantasy RPG and bring the princess back home. Find allies on your journey and convince them to aid you in your cause, arm them and yourself with epic gear, growing an army to retaliate this dark invasion. Become the hero you always wanted to be!

Why should you buy this RPG Maker-made game? Here are why:

-My story is unique including a plot twist and conspiracy theories. The dialogues are pretty well-made.

-The Battle System stresses more importance on speed than other battle systems. There are many skills for each of the 4 characters which leads to combinations. it's fun using combinations like that. I've put effort into making a good battle system, including years of experience with RPG Games.

Out now for Windows PC and Android Phone.


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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Take a few minutes and google 'how to record a game' also.  Use Bandicam (with that watermark) or preferably Open Broadcast Studio (which can do recording and streaming functions).

You want the game to be playable in full-screen borderless windowed mode.  If that can't happen and you can't google the RPG Maker scripts to make it work then you will lose some of your audience.

You also want someone to playtest the game.  Preferably a friend/family who has some free time.  You should be playing other games and learning from them and copying their methods.

Your visuals aren't doing you any favors.  Consider getting doing a google search for some non-default asset packs and start replacing the default artwork.

Do some YouTube searches for 'RPG Maker Map Design 101' and take that to heart.  If you expect your players to go through yet another dungeon then there better be an interesting map to go through.

If your random encounter rate triggers a random encounter more than once every 30 seconds then you will lose a significant portion of your audience.  We are NOT still in the 1980s anymore and we have so many options for entertainment that this game is a mere tiny blip in the vast ocean of games.

You wanna make games for a living?  Start showing some initiative and I hope to see an improved version of this over the next year or so.

Good luck.

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If you can find a way to get rid of random battles, you will be better than 99% of RPG games:  https://www.rpgmakercentral.com/topic/7778-create-mapped-enemies-no-more-random-...

The issue with them is that those 99% of game devs lack the resources/talent/time to really make engaging and interesting random battles with:

  • Significant enemy variety of at least 10 or more unique enemies per map.
  • Significant enemy variety with at least a dozen enemy types like 'minions' and 'healers' and 'debuffers' and so on; think of old school MMO player roles and apply them to your enemies.
  • Mixing all those unique and interesting enemies in unique formations that don't repeat the same thing over and over and over.
  • Providing a useful and interesting polished combat system that is more than just 'mash attack to win'.
  • Allowing a method to bypass/autowin battles that are significantly below your party's combined power level (aka Earthbound's autowin feature).

This will probably be the best advice you ever get, so I hope you take it to heart.
I've played enough RPG Games (and prototypes) to know the good ones from the terrible ones by now.


I like the big bosses!


Thank you! I appreciate you playing this (even for free) and leaving me feedback. Please give me a good rating for this. It would be nice to support me in other ways too.