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Not many people sale well-detailed human base in its various states that you could edit into any character. This does! Since this can be made into any character, the possibilities are limitless!

This contains a top-down human base in various poses used for pixel art.  There are nearly 100 PNG files overall here. These are in all 4 directions. All are 32x32 pixels.

Here are what actions in this human base are:

  1. Standing
  2. Walking
  3. Punching
  4. Blocking
  5. Charging spiritual energy
  6. Releasing spiritual energy
  7. Push ups
  8. Squats
  9. Sit ups
  10. Tackling
  11. Kicking
  12. Throwing
  13. Hooks (New)
  14. Uppercuts (New)
  15. Kicks (New)

I have so far been able to do a lot with these. Even the charging spiritual energies and releasing the spiritual energies I have used in more than one different states. I have used the charging spiritual energies for charging spiritual energies as well as meditating and creating an energy attack and have used the releasing spiritual energies for releasing the charged energies and shooting energy attacks.

Here's what you can do with this: You can edit these states into any character so that that character can do it. If you can't draw well, you can hire someone to draw the north, south and east or west states and then do the rest states yourself based on how the original 3 are drawn by someone else. Anyone can do this.

This also contains 10 custom characters in 3 states.

You have the license but not the rights to this.

The animated guy with the aura is called Super Saiyan Blue Goku and is not for sale- it is there just to show an example of what editing this base can do for you. The same goes for Black Goku.

The demos include a southern base as a sample, an easier to see animated SSB Goku and a regular animated SSB Goku, a Black Goku, as samples of what this base can do. I drew latter 2 and I am not a pro- a pro can do a better job.

The price is less than $0.10/image.

The license you get on the assets is this: You can use these in any commercial or non-commercial projects (like something that uses it like a video game) but you can't resell them, or give them out to others for free. If someone else wants to use these, they must buy this.


Buy Now$12.00 USD or more

In order to download this asset pack you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $12 USD. You will get access to the following files:

BASES.zip 37 kB
BASES 2.zip 133 kB

Download demo

demo.zip 1 kB

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Whats the actual size of each frame ? 32x32 ?

(2 edits)

Yes, 32x32 pixels of each frame.

A sample of the Southern sprite is attached which you can download for free, to get an idea.